II International Conference – THE PLAY IN THE OPEN SPACE

Dear colleagues and friends,

In order to engage professionals and raise awareness of the principles and trendin of childrens play, The Association of Landscape Architects of Serbia is organizing a two-day expert meeting on the topic of children’s outdoor play.

The gathering is intended for designers, developers, managers and inspection services, representatives of the relevant institutions responsible for the planning and construction area for children, public administration, local communities, manufacturers and importers of equipment for playgrounds.

The 1st International Expert Meeting „Outdoor Play“ was held in the organisation of Croatian Assotiation of Landscape Architects in Zagreb in 2016.



During the first day of the meeting there will be lectures and presentations held by  renowned speakers from Portugal, Czech, Slovenia and Serbian who have confirmed their arrival, as well as interested participants whose papers will be included in the official program of professional meeting.


  • The needs of children in urban environments;
  • The new European playground standards;
  • Design of safe and challenging playgrounds:
  • Standards as a useful tool for designing playgrounds;
  • Balancing risk and challenge for children in playgrounds;
  • Requirements, recommendations and examples of good practice in the playgrounds;
  • Risk assessment in the choice of play equipment and materials of pavement;
  • New trends in playgrounds design;
  • The use of natural elements: water, sand, wood, stone.


On the second day two workshops will be held, led by renowned lecturer in the field of child safety on the playing area.

  • „Designing safer and challenging play areas / playgrounds” (morning sessions);
  • „Inspecting and maintaining children’s playgrounds” (afternoon sessions);


Helena Menezes (Risk Vision), “ANEC rep in CEN TC136/SC1 ”, Portugal
General director at Risk Vision. International consultant and profesional trainer on child safety and risk-benefit assessment ( in use of built environments).
Helena is also an expert representig ANEC ( the Europen Consumer Voice in Standardization) in CENTC136 SC1( the CEN technical committee on playground safety) since 2000. She was the Chair of the Portuguese technical committee mirroring CEN TC136 (sports, playgrounds and swimming pools) during 8 years ( 2005-2013). In 1992, Helena has been a co-founder of the Portuguese association for child safety and its president during 6 years (2001-2007); she is still a member and active wourking partner.

Uroš Brzaković (Center for the Prevention of Accidents), Serbia
Uroš is the founder and president of the CSN (center for the prevention of accidents), the association that is dedicated to improving security, especially in the playing areas.
His specialty is risk assessment in the childrens playing areas.He is also a certified international playground inspector.


Participants receive certificates.


For registration you need to complete the APPLICATION FORM and send by e-mail on upas.skup@gmail.com until 09.03.2018.
For participation on the professional meetin “The play in the open space” is 60 euro.
For participation for the workshop is 70 euro.
For the two-day participation is 110 euro.
The deadline for the registration fee is 15.03.2018. year.

Participants will receive detailed instructions for payment after receiving and processing the application.

The registration fee includes:

  1. Work material
  2. Refreshments during coffee breaks
  3. Lunch and
  4. Certificates (for workshop participants)

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