The structure and management of the Association are regulated by the Statute. The Association of Landscape Architects is organised by the principle of a national organisation in Serbia. SALA Members, depending on the demands or by their professional affinities, upon the agreement by the SALA Managing Board, can form municipal, regional or other societies with a status of a legal body.

The Association of Landscape Architects is managed by its members through the elected representatives in the SALA organs and bodies.

The Organs of the Association of Landscape Architects are:

  1. Assembly,
  2. Managing Board,
  3. Supervisory Board,
  4. President of the Association.

Also, the Association forms the following:

  • Agency for professional activities,
  • Court of Honour,
  • Professional service.

Managing Board forms Commissions

Managing Board:

  • Andelka Jevtović (President)
  • Dušan Todorović
  • Vesna Šabanović
  • Jelena Jovanović
  • Aleksandra Vukićević
  • Uroš Brzaković
  • Marija Ostojić

Supervisory Board:

  • Dragan Vujičić
  • Deni Marković
  • Andreja Tutundžić