Similar to many developed countries, in Serbia some landscape architecture activities require the licence. Landscape architects in Serbia can get the licence of authorised planner, authorised town planner, authorised designer and authorised contractor. In the defining of the licence conditions, the professional association can have a significant part.

The licences in Serbia are regulated by the Law on planning and construction. The Law includes the Engineers’ Chamber, which gathers the graduated engineers of various professions, who fulfil the conditions for getting a Licence. The conditions for a licence are:

  • University education,
  • work experience (for planners 5 years, and for designers and contractors minimum 3 years),
  • professional examination,
  • professional results (plans, projects, contracted structures, etc.),
  • recommendations by the licensed engineers.

The Engineers’ Chamber web-site offers the detailed information on the conditions of obtaining the licence.

The Engineers’ Chamber of Serbia issues the following Licences to the graduated engineers of landscape architecture who satisfy the required conditions:
Licence PP: Spatial planner;
Licence U: Urbanist;
Licence PaP: Landscape designer;
Licence PaI: Landscape contractor.