Fields of professional engagement

Landscape architecture has diverse specialities and offers different possibilities of professional engagement. Landscape architect practice includes:

  • Spatial planning: analysis of the state of environment, inventory of natural resources, land use planning, plans of tourist districts, planning of landscape protection, recultivation or re-naturalisation, planning of urban open spaces, i.e. planning of the development of the system of green and recreation spaces, etc.
  • Design: design of various spaces such as: parks, recreation spaces, beaches, walks, piacettas and squares, spaces surrounding the buildings (hotel gardens, school yards, factory yards, hospitals, kindergartens, etc.), open spaces of residential blocks, business and commercial facilities, protection green belts, green spaces along the roads, picnic grounds, cemeteries, botanical and zoo gardens, roof gardens, house gardens, as well as the projects of interior bio-decoration in the hotels, etc, design of rehabilitation and reconstruction of the protected features, cultural and park heritage, etc.
  • Construction: landscape engineering works, space management, such as: preparation and sanitation works, earth works for grading and draining, construction of civil engineering parterre elements, paths and plateaux, construction of small park structures (steps, walls, fences, drinking fountains, fountains, pergolas, pavilions, etc.), park and urban furniture, drainage system and watering, agro-technical preparation of soil, planting, establishment of lawns on green and sports areas, the works on rehabilitation and protection of cultural and park heritage, etc.
  • Landscape management: nature protection and landscape maintenance, managing the development of green space systems, communal maintenance, maintenance of town green spaces, protection of old parks, etc.